Sunday 7 August 2016

Remember to check your diamond's inscription number!

So you've shortlisted a diamond and analyzed it under the scopes. You like what you see and everything looks perfect under the scopes, and you're just about to place a deposit for it. But how do you know that this is really the diamond you're buying? Could it be a 'sample' diamond? Or how I know that when I'm collecting my ring, will it be the same diamond? This is what the diamond's laser inscription number is for!

Each certified diamond will have a laser inscription number that is inscribed on its girdle (edge). It is a unique serial number that is assigned to your diamond. The serial number would tally to its certificate. This is how you can verify if this diamond tallys with its original certificate.

In JannPaul, upon purchasing and collection, we use a 40x magnification equipment to show you your diamond's inscription number. This is then tallied with its certificate.

You may also download or verify the softcopy of your GIA or AGS certificate online at, GIA's website or AGS's website.

After you've shortlisted and analyzed your diamond under the scopes, it is absolutely necessary to check it's laser inscription number to match its certificate. Here are some easy steps to follow.

  1. Ensure the GIA certificate you're viewing is the original certificate and not a printed or              photocopied version.
  2. Before confirming your purchase, check your diamond's inscription number to match with its original certificate.
  3. After your ring has been crafted and ready for collection, check its inscription number again to match its certificate.
  4. For future servicing, such as re-sizing, re-polishing, etc. don't forget to check its inscription number again. 
In summary, always check your diamond's inscription number before, during and after your purchase!

- Written by Joey Neo

Tuesday 19 July 2016

Hello Everyone!

Hi Guys! I'm Joey from JannPaul and very proud to be part of the team!

Out of the many ladies, I'm the chatty bubbly 'brother' to most of my customers, not only to help in finding a perfect ring but also to do my best to understand each and every situation that they are facing, in order to find a possible solution, just like a friend instead of merely customers!

The culture of JannPaul is way different from what most of us would think! In JannPaul, we will share our knowledge on diamond through the education session, oh wait! I know it sounds boring, but wait till you go through it, you will realize all of us would make the session an enjoyable and fruitful one!

In the blog, I will be sharing some suggestions from a lady's perception to shake off the worry of "will this be the right one?" and all other frequently asked questions! As being a lady, I would somehow or rather understand what your lady might be thinking 😛

Come on in and join in the fun with us to enjoy the process while finding a perfect ring for your lady! See you!